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Finally, there is a reasonable answer to RF grounding. The ground system kit consists of copper tubing with stainless steel rods and hardware. Simply solder the tubing together and assemble the rods. Bury it a few inches below ground and connect it with heavy copper strap or braid as short as possible to your radio ground. This will provide an excellent radio ground system that can help improve your antenna swr, reduce or eliminate interference, and make your station more efficient. This is the only way to go when it comes to ground systems. Since the entire ground can be buried, there is no above ground clutter. It is safe to mow without worry, and since all the hardware is stainless steel there is virtually no maintenance required. The ground system can be any length, the longer the better. Recommendation is for lengths to be longer than 50 feet.

$19.95 + shipping
per 5' section



Size: Approx. 100 ft. in Length, can be shortened or bent to fit field area.

Impedance: Approx .0 ohms, center fed, or can be end fed from either end.

Material: 3/4" Copper Tubing, 3/8" Stainless Steel Rod

Bandwidth: N/A

Tuning Range N/A

Power Limit: N/A

Ruggedness: Buried, Maintenance free if properly installed.

Installation: Recommend 1 man installation.

Ground Stand: N/A

Wall Mounts: N/A


$24.95 + shipping

Common grounding for equipment is essential to any radio station, regardless of frequency. 1" copper tubing provides more surface area than flat stock and is the size specified by top amateur radio manufacturers. Strap or braid is used to connect to the wing nutted screws for each piece of equipment. This ground helps prevent interference, shocks, rf in microphones, and current loops. Will work in any station. Screw to back of table, console, wall, etc. and connect to ground using the Station Ground Kit, or any other good rf ground. Equipment Ground is 5 feet long to mount perfectly behind station tables or consoles.